China World Mall, 1 Jian Guo Man

Wai Avenue, Shop 3L 211,212,2 / F, Phase 3, Chaoyang District 211,212,2 / F, Phase
Beijing - CHINA

Perfect synergy
between East and West

Beijing, the great Chinese capital, renowned as much for its modern architecture as for its ancient sites, is home to a Marco Bicego flagship store inside the prestigious China Wall Mall, located in the heart of the city with an exclusive space of more than 100 square metres.


An imperial city and capital of a vast country, Beijing offers a vibrant mix of modernity and history. Multifaceted and eclectic, it seduces with its simultaneously modern and antique charm.

Services you can request at our boutiques

Jewel cleaning

We recommend cleaning Marco Bicego jewelry periodically in a professional way.


In some cases it is possible to request the customization of your Marco Bicego piece with our engraving and size adjustment services.


Sometimes a piece of jewelry needs minor maintenance, performed by the skilled hands of our craftsmen.